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Curacion de heridas presion negativa.

The VENTURI™ AVANTI uses controlled negative pressure to assist and accelerate wound healing. The large 600ml or 1200ml capacity of the canister minimises the frequency of canister changes, making it particularly suitable for heavily exudating wounds. Comes complete with canister and carry bag.

Weight 2.2KG
Construction Flame retardant ABS
Dimensions 210mm x 205mm x 105mm
Mains Cable 3 meters
Operating Voltage 6V
Peak Current 850mA PMS
Max. Load Wattage 7W
Vacuum Application Continous (default therapy) or intermittent
Pressure Range 10mmHg to 180mmHg

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Curacion de heridas presion negativa.

Curacion de heridas presion negativa.