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Curacion de heridas presion negativa.

The VENTURI® MiNO vacuum power unit is the latest addition to the clinically proven, cost-effective VENTURI® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy range. The VENTURI® MiNO features a 150ml capacity canister and weighs only 250g, making it ideal for treatment ‘on the move’. Very simple to operate, the VENTURI® MiNO power unit utilises either gauze or foam weekly therapy wound care sets.

Weight 250g
Construction Flame retardant ABS
Dimensions W105mm x D52mm x H112mm
Mains Cable 3 meters
Peak Current 450mA PMS
Vacuum Application Continous
Pressure Range 80mmHg or 120mmHg (+/- 5mmHg)
DC Input Voltage 5V Nominal
Fixed Internal Battery 3.7V 11.3mAh Lithium Ion - Polymer - Rechargeable Cell

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Curacion de heridas presion negativa.

Curacion de heridas presion negativa.